Q: What's PIXELIO?
A: It's a multifunction device for any smartphone. It gives you possibility to do 3D scans, take 360 degrees photos, panoramas and time lapses

Q: How much is it to get one?
A: Kickstarter price starts from 119 us$

Q: Does PIXELIO has its own optics?
A: No, PIXELIO uses your smartphone camera

Q: What smartphones can be used with PIXELIO?
A: All smartphones available on the market like iPhone, Samsung, HTC, Sony, LG to name a few.

Q: How do I connect my smartphone with PIXELIO?
A: PIXELIO has a special mount with elastic strap for smartphones and GoPro camera separate holder as well

Q: Can PIXELIO also be used with GoPro camera?
A: Yes, it can be used with GoPro cameras for photography, time-lapse movies and panoramas

A: It's patented technology (0,3 % of GRAPHENE) made for shutter release. It helps imitate touch of a human finger for better scans and pictures quality.

Q: What's the maximum 3d scan size?
A: Depends on optics and smartphone used. For example it ca be 180x180x180mm or 230x50mm.

Q: Do I need special software or application ?
A: Yes, you can get FREE Autodesk 123D Catch app for 3D scanning or FREE Arqspin app for 360 degrees photos and videos.